Monday, February 06, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Group says Beshear “lacks confidence in his own legislation," challenges Governor to “stop playing politics” and file the gambling bill

For Immediate Release
February 6, 2012

LEXINGTON, KY—The Family Foundation said today that Gov. Steve Beshear's decision not to file his proposed constitutional amendment to expand gambling until after the filing deadline for legislative candidates indicated that he had serious doubts about support for it among Kentuckians. The Family Foundation opposes the legislation and claims the Governor does not have legislative support to pass the bill.

Cothran pointed to claims from the Governor and wealthy gambling interests that Kentuckians supported the legislation by a wide margin, as well as to the Governor's claim that he had the votes in the Senate to pass the bill and asked why, if these things were true, there was any reason for Beshear to wait to file the bill.

"If Kentuckians overwhelmingly support this bill and if he really has 23 votes in the State Senate to the extent he claims," asked Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group, "then why does he have to wait until after the filing deadline to introduce it? He obviously lacks confidence in his own legislation."

"The Governor needs to stop playing politics with this issue and introduce his legislation," said Cothran. "How can you blame other people for the failure of your own legislation, as this Governor has done, when you don't even have the courage to file your bill?"

Cothran said last week that the Governor was bluffing. "This is just further proof that the Governor and his wealthy casino supporters don't have the support they claim."


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