Friday, March 16, 2012

Gay rights leader's rampage ignore by state's two biggest papers

The most prominent gay rights leader in the state goes berserk in a Capitol Annex hallway after a so-called "Bullying Bill" goes down to defeat after it was exposed as an attempt to write gay rights language into school law and what does the Louisville Courier-Journal do?

Runs a cartoon showing conservative Republicans going berserk.

In fact, the account of the Fairness Campaign's Chris Hartman hallway rampage went entirely unreported in the CJ's print edition. And the Lexington Herald-Leader? They just pretended it didn't happen at all.

So kudos to the Frankfort State-Journal, which apparently doesn't censor news. It not only mentioned it, but put it on their front page, as well as the AP, which even ran a picture of Hartman in mid-convulsion.


Singring said...

So now its a 'rampage'? LOL. This is like the time those two gay guys were standing belly to belly and were splashing each other with water in the public pool and you made it to sound like some gay orgy?

And that photograph - if you hadn't told me Hartman was in 'mid-convulsion' before I clicked on it, I may have thought he was in 'pre-hug' position. If this is what a gay guy on a 'rampage' looks like, then frankly I wish they went on 'rampages' more often.

Old Rebel said...

But EVERYONE knows homosexuals aren't bullies, just as blacks cannot be racist.

Daniel said...

Old Rebel,

No one said homosexuals can't bully or blacks can't be racist. What is your point?


Agreed. I'm not seeing a rampage here.


Old Rebel said...

Singring, Daniel,

The point, as our host said, is that the local papers "just pretended it didn't happen at all."

Protected groups too often get a pass from the corporate media.

Singring said...

'Protected groups too often get a pass from the corporate media.'

You think that homosexuals are a 'protected group' in the US?

It really is quite amazing how some people manage to divorce themselves from reality.

One Brow said...


Martin is just engaging in his customary hyperbole. No one should believe that when Martin says "rampage", "cornered", or "berserk", that anything stronger than "talk", "approached", or "animated" is intended. Martin has made that point several times recently.