Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What passes for reason at the Rally for Reason

Ed Brayton, an atheist who spends the better part of his time patrolling the internet for stupid-things-people-who-disagree-with-him-say then blogging-about-them-as-if-anyone-really-cares (he must provide World Net Daily with the better part of their site hits) commented on the possibility of protests at the Rally for Reason from Christians.

Ed the Logician has already refuted any arguments these irrational Christians might use:
"They’ll undoubtedly be using the same tired arguments we’ve all heard a million times."
I mean, we all know, don't we, that all it takes for an argument to be rendered invalid is that it be used multiple times? I guess this is the kind of thing that will be passing for Reason at the Rally.


Lee said...

That's an old argument, Martin. Can you give me something younger than Aquinas? :)

Anonymous said...

He never said the arguments were invalid... he just said that the arguments were tired. Reading is fundamental...

Usually people say an argument is "tired" when it's been debunked over and over ad nausea. Also, just as an argument being repeated over and over doesn't make it invalid, repeating an argument also doesn't validate it. Theists don't seem to grasp that second point.