Monday, June 11, 2012

Gay rights trump religious freedom abroad for Obama administration

Well, now that the Obama administration's State Dept. under Hillary has taken up the cause of gay rights around the world, it apparently no longer has time to monitor something that previous State Departments have always monitored.

It appears that new human rights reports have been purged of the sections having to do with religious freedom. The period covered by the report includes the Arab Spring, which undoubtedly ensured there was much to report.

Maybe if you were a gay religious person, your freedom would be important to this administration.


Anonymous said...

What a lazy post!

Had you read the report and you would have found: Section 2) part c) "Freedom of Religion" is extant and survived the purging.

Art said...

KyCobb said...

Good catch, no criticism of the President coming from the Right can be taken at face value.

On another matter, admittedly OT, Michael Hill, President of the League of the South, made a mockery of Martin's claim that the League is not racist with a full throated call for the creation of an ethnically pure White South:

Somehow I doubt Martin will post a thread admitting his error.

Art said...

I'm guessing that Martin doesn't see anything wrong with Hill's manifesto.