Monday, June 18, 2012

KY teachers' union reiterates its refusal to tear down educational Iron Curtain

There was a rally today in Victory Park in Louisville by the Black Alliance for Educational Options and the Bluegrass Institute calling once again for charter schools, partly in response to the violence in West Louisville. The rally drew the usual response from the educational politburo that calls itself the Jefferson County Teachers Association. The JCTA has never been wild about the kind of perestroika being called for by parent groups like this.

After the rally, JCTA minister of propaganda Brett McKim issued the following statement:
It is unfortunate that groups like the Bluegrass Institute are willing to take advantage of low-income and minority students in order to try to advance their agenda to privatize our public schools. Most Kentuckians understand public schools are the foundation of our democracy and should be supported, not abandoned for charter schools that have a terrible track record.
Of course, McKim's organization has never "taken advantage of low-income and minority students" in order to advance their agenda. Nope. Never (At this point just put all those thoughts about forced busing to the back of your mind).

And of course, the whole point about "abandoning" public education is a complete red herring. McKim apparently hasn't noticed that most states now have charter schools and the public schools have not been "abandoned."

Of course, it depends on what day of the week as to which of two completely inconsistent arguments you get from people like McKim. On one day they'll argue that charter schools are really not all that good. The next day they'll argue that if we have charters, people will abandon the public schools.

The obvious question is, if they're not that good than why would people abandon the public schools to go to them?

If life on his side of the educational Berlin Wall atop which McKim has stationed himself is so good, why would we need him and his JCPS security guards to make sure no one could escape?


One Brow said...

The obvious question is, if they're not that good than why would people abandon the public schools to go to them?

Self-selection allows inferior educaitonal models to produce results that, on first glance, seem superior.

Andrew said...


You make a very true statement. I'd like to hear you develop it a little to compare the two (or however many there are) models and why the current public school model is superior. This seems very important.

One Brow said...


I have seen no evidence that an particular public school model is superior to, or inferior to, any particular private school model. The best test so far, charter schools have produced results where about one-sixth of charter schools get superior results, and about one-third get inferior results, IIRC. I don't find that a promising begining, but certainly far from conclusive evidence.