Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Courier-Journal takes U of L's Ramsey and Willinganz to task

Omigosh. The Louisville Courier-Journal wrote an editorial yesterday that actually got it right. And when Courier-Journal editorials start making sense, you know something's up.

The CJ yesterday editorialized against what the University of Louisville provost Shirley Willinganz is clearly trying to find a way to do: kick Chick-fil-A off its campus.

Here it is:
Why stop there? A directory of local restaurants shows at least six Chick-fil-A outlets in the Louisville area. Should we pull their business licenses? Change Health Department ratings to D for discriminatory?  
Of course not.  
... But calling for the ouster of the restaurant — or even a boycott — is extreme, especially on a college campus. Should we demand ideological purity tests of all on-campus vendors, not to mention professors who count a number of conservative voices in their midst?
In fact, the editorial explicitly agreed with Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy in his statement about his and his company's right to say what they want to say because, you know, it's like a free country.

And then there was this:
If U of L officials and students don’t back off, they are easy targets for the rhetoric of reflexive groups such as Kentucky’s Family Foundation, which fired off a press release Monday blaming the “tolerance police” for ferreting out “thought crime” on campus.
So the Family Foundation is no longer a "religious right wing group" in CJ editorials? They're now just "reflexive"? Is that a promotion or something? Now there's some news.

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