Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Look, Dad: The Smithsonian is using a Creation Museum dinosaur to promote its IMAX theater"

There's something about a freckle-faced 8 year-old innocently embarrassing the atheist world that seems to bring the universe into balance.

As my friend Jay Wile points out, the Smithsonian is using a Creation Museum dinosaur in one of its major marketing campaigns. The image of a dinosaur, which is the centerpiece of the marketing campaign for the Smithsonian Museum's IMAX theater, turns out to have been taken from a dinosaur model designed and built at Ken Ham's Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

The strange coincidence was discovered by eight year-old Hannah Lietha, who picked up a Smithsonian brochure in a Washington, D.C. hotel and pointed it out to her father, who was in the nation's capitol to man a creationist booth at a convention for public educators.

Employing the evolutionary principle that similarity implies common ancestry, the father confirmed that the image indeed derived from the Creation Museum.

It seems that atheists are just now finding out about it, and they are, as one would guess, not pleased. We wouldn't be either, if we were them. Which we aren't.


Anonymous said...

Someone in marketing at the Smithonian used the Internet to find clip art. In Martin and Ken Ham's world this makes science fall like a house of cards.
Of course Martin may want to be asking why the people at the Creation Museum/Answers in Genesis/Ark Encounter claimed to have $100 million dollars from investors for the Ark Park and somehow only have $22 million as of June 2012. Meanwhile the Commonwealth of Kentucky has committed $11 million for a new interchange at Williamstown for a park that probably will not be built and will never meet initial attendance claims. Martin also may start asking why the Ark Park got 100 acres of land and close to $200 thousand from the local government.

Martin Cothran said...

In Martin and Ken Ham's world this makes science fall like a house of cards.

Not at all. It's just an amusing irony. If you want to see things that undermine science, I suggest looking at the philosophical assumptions of the New Atheists themselves.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And whether or not the AIG museum meets its fundraising goals has nothing to do with ... anything here. And by the way, I don't think AIG is the first museum in history to fail to meete a fundraising goal.