Friday, August 17, 2012

I have changed my position on ***** Riot

I have now seen a video of the "mock concert" given by ***** Riot in the Orthodox church that has become a cause célèbre among culturally fashionable people worldwide, and my views about the band and the verdict have now totally changed.

In my previous post, I came out in favor of putting the band behind bars for two years for desecrating a holy place. But I have changed my mind.

Having seen the actual performance, I now I think the band should serve more time.

In addition to desecrating a holy place, the video makes it clear that they also constitute an artistic menace to which a stop should be put immediately (the lengths I go to to avoid ending my sentences with prepositions. Sheeez.).

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ZPenn said...

When I'm not thinking about it, I always seem to accidentally end my sentences with prepositions, and then when I read what I have written I cringe. It is a terrifyingly easy thing to do, since in colloquial speech it is common to do so. My parents we card carrying members of the Grammar Gestapo, so I always have that paranoid check behind my shoulder feeling after I make a writing mistake.