Wednesday, December 26, 2012

AP eliminating "homophobia" from style guide

The Associated Press is eliminating the term "homophobia" from its style guide. Surely the AP had a crisis of conscience and decided it should stop using hate terms for people who disagree with gay rights politics in its news stories.

Well, dream on.

The word "homophobia" was first used to indicate a homosexuals fear that others might think he was gay. It has been transformed by gay rights groups and a complicit media into a pejorative term for people they disagree with and one that implies that people with traditional views about sexuality may have a mental problem--the very thing gays complained about being charged of themselves for being homosexual.

But it turns out the AP just wanted to have journalists replace it with the word "anti-gay."

We're waiting for the AP to allow the label "anti-religious" for groups who disagree with church strictures against homosexuality. But we're not holding our breath.

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Old Rebel said...

Also, if you oppose open borders, you're "xenophobic."

The Soviet Union often shipped dissidents into mental wards. And they say history doesn't repeat itself.