Monday, December 17, 2012

People in Newtown, Connecticut flock to ... grief counselors?

Friends and families of the victims in the Connecticut school shootings flocked to psychologists and other mental health professionals seeking comfort and solace in the hours after the news of the deaths came. Mental health clinics were mobbed with the people and lines extended out the doors as people sought answers to questions like "Why did this happen?"; "What does it all mean?"; and "How can a loving God let evil happen?"

Additional mental health professionals had to be bused in in order to meet the demands of hundreds of people ...

No, wait. I might have gotten this all wrong. Hang on a second while I check something ...

Well, gosh. It turns out that it was churches people were flocking to for comfort and solace. While the media flocked to the grief counselors, and the grief counselors flocked to the people, the people themselves flocked to churches.


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