Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is same-sex marriage déclassé?

Okay, it's quiz time!

QUESTION: Which culturally backward, socially retrograde country is experience massive protests against a proposed law legalizing same-sex marriage:

a. Albania
b. India
c. Bhutan
d. France
e. Massachusetts

And the ANSWER is ... France. Seriously.

Now if I had to pick the country least likely to have a problem with same-sex marriage, I would pick France. And yet there have been huge protests about a same-sex marriage law in Paris. Some estimates put the number in the street protesting at over 800,000. It is the hottest issue going there now.

Now these are people who you would think would be socially cutting edge on all things sexual. But no. I can't make sense of it. Maybe they're not as bad as I thought. My wife on the other hand, who has spent time in France, has her own theory, which is based on a keen insight into the French character: Every other country has redefined marriage to allow same-sex marriage. Therefore, the French should oppose it.

I've got to hand it to her here. She may be right.


KyCobb said...

Maybe its just because the French like to protest. After cycling, it seems to be their national pastime.

Lee said...

The French were probably secretly funding OWS.

John said...

Err... It's because they are catholic.

Anonymous said...

A lot of that crowd was some of Paris' Muslim "citizens".

KyCobb said...

It seems that polls show 63% of the French support marriage equality.