Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tolerance Police chase off pastor from Obama inaugural for "anti-gay" comments

Passion City Church founder and pastor Louie Giglio has been removed from President Obama's second inaugural program. He had been slated to give the inaugural prayer until it was discovered that the had said negative things about homosexuality in an old sermon.

At that point, the Tolerance Police once again swung into action, cracking down on Giglio for voicing the Christian view that homosexuality is a sin, and therefore to be forbidden in a tolerant society.

You have to be so intolerant and uniform to be tolerant and diverse these days.

Wait 'till these people find out that the guy they're inaugurating was opposed to gay marriage until just a year ago.

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KyCobb said...

He didn't merely say homosexuality was a sin; he accused LGBT people of "absolutely undermining the whole order of our society." I will once again point out the hypocrisy of Martin complaining about people not tolerating his intolerance.