Friday, August 23, 2013

Tolerance Police bag another dissenter

Diversity Enforcement forces continue on their cultural campaign to eliminate all dissent on sexuality issues. Officials at Dartmouth College, angered by the appointment of an African bishop to head the the school's William Jewett Tucker Foundation, which seeks "to educate Dartmouth students 'for lives of purpose and ethical leadership, rooted in service, spirituality and social justice'."

They left out the part about intolerance for people who disagree with them, which is a central part of Diversity ideology.

Bishop James Tengatenga of Malawi, the bishop purged from the post, is an official with the Anglican Church of Africa, which believes homosexual practice is a sin. He might have discriminated against gays (although there was no evidence presented that he ever had) and that was enough reason to discriminate against him.

Fight fire with fire.

Dartmouth junior Andrew Longhi expressed the inclusive sentiment of Dartmouth by saying that "selecting a 'social conservative' to this post baffles me."

No doubt.

Ironically, Bishop Tengatenga now professes to have "evolved" on the issue of homosexuality. Undoubtedly his change of views was purely voluntary and unaffected by the intolerance toward traditional morality in the secular developed world.

But a Thoughtcrime is a Thoughtcrime and so he was sacked and Dartmouth is that much more uniform in its cultural views.

Let us all repeat the Party slogan:



Old Rebel said...

The Party slogan now has the force of law. Obey or face financial and career ruin.

KyCobb said...


I'm still waiting to hear what your plan is for sweeping away the gay community; making millions of people disappear but doing so miraculously without using the repressive measures in places like Russia and Uganda that your fellow social conservatives have endorsed. Your hypocritical complaints about lack of tolerance for intolerance carry no weight.