Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Obamacare website Hell

A lady describes her experience signing up online:
...I tried again, was able to get on and was then told that I needed to authenticate my identity.  I was asked several questions such as “What town did you live in when you lived on Pinewood?”  Three of the four questions, while going back 18 years ago, were reasonable and I was able to answer.  Then we came to a fourth question – “In the past you purchased veterinary insurance for your pet…What was the name of the pet?”  I answered “none of the above” because I NEVER purchased health insurance for my pet(s).  Since I answered “none of the above” I was given another question…”What was your former telephone number?”  All the answers were for area code 803.  I never lived in area code 803 and had to look it up on the internet.  I never lived in the state.  So…I could go no further.  I called the Center and they told me that they were having systems issues and to try back.
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Lee said...

I was soundly lectured and thrashed in these discussion blocks a couple of years ago. Why, unless I'd read the CBO's analysis, how dare I suggest that the whole project would go over budget. Why, I'm just a paranoid right-winger whose gut feelings about socialist incompetence are quaint, but we have a program here that will harness the free market itself to right all wrongs in the health insurance market. My paranoia aside, we have the best and brightest working on this, and it will actually improve the deficit situation, provide better health care for all, and make your clothes come out whiter.

And best of all, if you like your present health plan, you can keep it.


Lee said...

And remember, this is just the web site we're seeing. Oh, and the fact that insurance companies now cancelling policies by the millions.

They can't develop a web site, but they can manage everyone's health care. "Yes we can."

Anonymous said...

And they will do it in 150 languages!