Monday, December 16, 2013

Same-sex marriage advocates: The Warren Jeffs of the world thank you

The logic of same-sex marriage is now asserting itself. Proponents of the New Doctrine of Marriage—that difference in gender should not militate against the ability to marry—have long said that they oppose polygamy—the idea that difference in number of participants should not militate against the ability to marry. The distinction is, of course arbitrary.

Now comes Al Mohler to report the result:
As most Americans were thinking thoughts of Christmas cheer, a federal judge in Utah dropped a bomb on the institution of marriage, striking down the most crucial sections of the Utah statute outlawing polygamy. Last Friday, Judge Clark Waddoups of the United States District Court in Utah ruled that Utah’s anti-polygamy law is unconstitutional, violating the free exercise clause of the First Amendment as well as the guarantee of due process. 
In one sense, the decision was almost inevitable, given the trajectory of both the culture and the federal courts. On the other hand, the sheer shock of the decision serves as an alarm: marriage is being utterly redefined before our eyes, and in the span of a single generation.
Big Love. Brought to you by same people who brought you same-sex marriage. Read the rest here.

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With all due respect, I did some Catechismal digging, and found this definition of marriage:

What else matters?