Monday, December 23, 2013

The "true Christians" at GLAAD

Okay, maybe someone could explain this to me. The folks at GLAAD (who by the way were very UNHAAPY by the negative response they got to their recent attempt to silence Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty) say that Roberton's remarks about homosexuality "fly in the face of what true Christians believe."

But precisely the thing that got him in trouble was quoting the Apostle Paul. Now let's see if I've got my logic right here:
No true Christian believes that homosexuality is wrong
The Apostle Paul believes that homosexuality is wrong
Therefore, The Apostle Paul is not a true Christian
Hmmm. Strange, but it seems to be a direct application of GLAAD's reasoning.

So I guess that leaves us with a choice as to which is the true Christian, the amateur theologian at GLAAD or the Apostle Paul. It's such a hard choice.

In fact, every time Phil quotes the Scriptures on the issue he gets accused by someone of not being a "true Christian." Maybe if he paid less attention to the Bible, he could be a better Christian. That, in any case, seems to be GLAAD's idea.

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Billy Henderson said...

Perhaps the fact that more "Christians" are not accused of being "non-Christians" says something.