Thursday, December 17, 2015

Yale students signing petition to repeal the First Amendment

Just in case you wondered how far gone our higher education system is:


Art said...

The gentleman could get 10 times as many signatures in 10 minutes by taking the petition to a large mega church in, say, Louisville, and explaining how the First Amendment protects Muslims. Or how it prevents public officials from converting the unsaved while on the job.

Daniel D. D. said...

I doubt it. Conservatives (which is what you tend to find at mega Churches) tend to be to patriotic, and also reflect more closely the principles in which the US were founded on. As such it would be a Heresy, in their eyes, to reject the first Amendment.

Art said...

Daniel,D, congregants at the usual mega church are conservative Christians, who are strongly inclined to favor theocracy. They usually have no use for the 1st Amendment, other than to cling to the free exercise clause as a pretext for compelling others to worship as conservative Christians see fit.