Friday, July 22, 2016

The new pro-gay Republican Party

So now Trump is "reaching out"--not just to the "LGBT community"--but the "LGBTQ community." No wonder they seem to be gaining influence: They keep adding letters, so fecund is the new gender ideology. Pretty soon they'll have appropriated all the rest of the letters of the alphabet and there will be no stopping them.

LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ. It's coming. Mark my word.

How great, said the pundits--on Fox News no less--is this "new Republican Party." Trump even put up Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, to proudly declare his sexual identity (or orientation, depending on which is more politically beneficial at the time) to talk about how we need to "put culture wars behind us"--complete with cheers from the new Republicans in this "new Republican Party."

That's just what the victors in a culture war would say--victors preening before the camera at the convention for the party that used to represent the other side in those culture wars. It does not bode well for those now seeking Constitutional protections from the increasingly aggressive and punitive Gender Police.

They talk a good game on religious freedom, but when you have to regularly genuflect to the very group of people who are its greatest enemy, it's kind of hard to maintain your credibility on the issue.

And the same day that the new Trump-drunk Republicans finish their convention in which this "new Republican Party" was loving up the people who are the worst threat to religious freedom in this country, Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, endorsed their nominee.

Maybe, like Jerry Falwell, Jr., Perkins could take a picture with Trump in his office with the framed cover of Playboy Magazine with Trump on the cover in the background.

Conservatism was nice while it lasted.

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