Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We should be more afraid of Hillary Clinton than Vladimir Putin

I could make more sense of  the criticisms of Donald Trump for calling on the Russians to release more hacked emails if it weren't for the fact that Hillary Clinton were not to the political left of Putin.

While Hillary is pushing left-wing postmodernist gender ideology, radical feminism, divisive multiculturalism, and undermining religious freedom, Putin at least gives lip-service to traditional values.

While Hillary and her minions oppose the least whiff of Christianity in the nation's public schools, Christianity is now taught freely in Russian schools

While Putin's Russia has largely abandoned Marxist economic policies, Hillary (if not in name, in fact) embraces them. In fact Putin's public positions on most issues are closer to what anyone could legitimately call "American values" than the average Democratic politician.

Hillary is a far greater threat to American than Vladimir Putin.

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Art said...

Given that Martin considers the Lateran Treaties to be a great and good accomplishment, I guess this screed is not surprising.