Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Brother John": Smith-Berry's new wine

I have it on good authority that Smith-Berry Winery's new "Brother John" dry red made mostly from Syrah is the best thing they've done so far. Here is a description from their website:
It is deep garnet in color and has powerful aromatics of plum, black cherry, chocolate, licorice, vanilla, wood and subtle notes of earth. On the palate, the fruit forward nature of Syrah, along with French oak influence combine to deliver flavors of blackberry, plum, mocha, sweet oak, smoke and cherry that linger nicely on the long, deliberate finish.
I ran into John Johnson, an expert on Kentucky wines, at Heine Bros. today (next door to his excellent shop, the "Wine Rack"), where I asked if he had Smith-Berry's Norton Red back in again, and he said he was still waiting, but that "Brother John" had just come in and that it was superb.

The wine is named after John Berry, an old photograph of whom is featured on the label. John Johnson thought that John Berry was one of Wendell Berry's children who was now deceased, but, judging from the photo, and past comments Wendell has made to me, I think John is Wendell's brother. I will ask Tanya (his grandaughter, and one of my students) about this next week.

If it is even on par with the Norton, then it is good indeed.

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Thanks for the kind words. The wine is named for my Uncle John. There is a dedication on the back label.

Mary Berry Smith