Thursday, November 01, 2007

Osi Speaks! blog goes on rampage: bases attack on Forgy on 2nd hand report from "a friend"

The Osi Speaks! blog, which seems to get weirder by the day, has launched an attack on Larry Forgy based on a 2nd hand account of what Forgy said on Front Page with Sue Wiley on WVLK. KYJurisDoctor, the pseudonym for, well ... we're not exactly sure who, attacks Forgy for making statements which he never actually heard him make.

The blog features an extended attack on Forgy based on nothing but what an angry friend related to him in a casual conversation.


And how do I know about this blog post? Well, a friend told another friend of mine who happened to mention it to distant relative who related it to me what it said.

That's how.


Anonymous said...

Derek Combs is the person behind all this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Actually Osi is Swahili for jabbering idiot.

Anonymous said...

Funny, 'Republican' is a English synonym for blithering 'idiot.' And also for 'loser.'

Martin Cothran said...

I guess we can mark Bill down as someone who supports making public attacks on people on the basis of second hand rumors.

Anonymous said...

Good ol Bill Adkins..the Grant County Village Idiot..putting the mal in practice daily. Dumber than a box of rocks that boy is.