Friday, November 30, 2007

CNN Shenanigans

Did anyone notice that the only one of the Youtube questioners in Wednesday night's presidential debate who got the opportunity to speak at the debate itself was the gay gentleman? He was handed the mike and proceeded to expound his position to the nation.

Is CNN going to give the floor over to someone from the religious right during the next Democratic debate?


Anonymous said...

You heard about how they planted Hillary Supporters, right?

Anyway, the real problem is that they give an inordinate amount of time to some candidates over others... and it's not even a real debate. They don't even ask each other questions!

kehrsam said...

Seeing as about half the questions in the Democratic Youtube debate were from Republicans, and one Democrat got to ask a question in this one (to be fair, there were two other questions where the party affiliation was unclear), I don't think we can accuse CNN of too much skullduggery. In fact the whole "media bias" argument is pretty ridiculous. It was true in 1980, but Reagan largely changed that, and Clinton finished the job. Even NPR's news content is pretty even these days. Seeing as Rudy is the only candidate to have his own personal news network, I don't think there is room for complaint.