Monday, July 21, 2008

The enemies of ideological diversity are at it again

While the academic left runs roughshod over ideological diversity in places like the University of Kentucky's Gender and Women's Studies Department, the establishment of the Milton Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago has run into trouble because, well, of ideological diversity. Here is Gordon Crovitz writing in today's Wall Street Journal:

The University of Chicago recently announced it will create a new institute to add to its outsized reputation in economics, business and law. This became controversial because of the name: the Milton Friedman Institute. Some 100 members of the faculty last month wrote the university president to object that this would imply that the Chicago faculty "lacks intellectual and ideological diversity.

What a beautiful irony: liberals who run an institution getting upset when conservatives get their own little spot--on the grounds that it threatens the ideological balance.

Oh, and why is it again that liberals get the run of whole departments and when conservatives have the opportunity to establish an institute through an outside grant the champions of diversity try to run them off?

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