Thursday, July 31, 2008

There Jake goes again

I just can't get enough of the proponents of peace, brotherly love, and universal harmony who go around talking about how bad it is to hate people and then start spewing hateful language themselves. Jake at Page One Kentucky is like many open gays who take any expression of disagreement with their beliefs as a personal insult and who then start hurling vitriol.

This is the guy, remember, who publicly accused a Family Foundation policy analyst earlier this year of being "probably gay" for the sole purpose of smearing him. When asked to justify his charge, he shut off the discussion on his blog (he wasn't faring very well, I'll have to say). Clearly the man is not exactly the paragon of journalistic integrity.

In today's edition of Jake's World he accuses me of being a "gay-hater" for my post about the Louisville Courier-Journal turning a blind eye to the more-than-close relationship suggested in the e-mails between former U of L Education Department Dean Robert Felner and Tom Shroeder--a relationship which, if it were not homosexual in nature, would be all over the front page of the CJ. The irony, of course, is that the e-mails were published by ... Page One Kentucky--by Jake himself!

Felner and Schroeder apparently cooked up a scheme to defraud the federal government out of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars by funnelling them to a now defunct nonprofit corporation in Illinois. A couple of the e-mails are peppered with verbal emoticons like "Honey" and "Hugs", clearly suggesting a more than professional relationship.

Jake has been feeling like big stuff lately because he has been scooping the CJ on the details of the Felner story, and has criticized the paper for being slow in its coverage--and there is some justification for that. At the same time you can't blame a newspaper that actually attempts to maintain some minimal level of journalistic credibility if it is forced to take incautious hotheads like Jake with a certain grain of salt. If Jake hadn't undercut his own credibility in the past by issuing wild public charges about people, maybe people would view his other pronouncements with a greater level of confidence.

My post had nothing to do with hating gays: it had to do with the continuing double standard practiced by the media in which they are all over any sexual angle of a story except if it could possibly reflect badly on homosexuality.

But then, why should I expect Jake to recognize a double standard in the CJ when he's so busy employing double standards himself?

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