Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More on the government imposed ethanol famine from the American Conservative

Here is a sample from Timothy Carney's article in the American Conservative, "Burning Dinner: Government’s scheme to fill gas tanks leaves stomachs empty":
As food prices worldwide shatter records, a quixotic campaign has been launched on the Left and the Right to roll back the government programs that force ethanol upon the American population. Other countries, too, are rethinking programs that turn plants into fuel. The lobby to defend ethanol subsidies and mandates is entrenched—agribusiness, some venture capitalists betting big on government action, and certain hawkish conservatives hoping to end our dependence on Arab and Venezuelan oil. But with corn futures topping $7 a bushel, riots over food prices erupting around the world, and landscapes in the U.S. changing forever, political support for this subsidized moonshine may be on the wane.

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