Friday, August 22, 2008

Are men superior to women in athletics?

I haven't yet told my wife about this new article by Todd Gallagher on the clear physical superiority of males over females as athletes. She will look at me and say, "Yeah. Let 'em try to give birth sometime and then they can tell us about how physically superior they are."

I think I'll just keep quiet about it.


Lee said...

The fact no one will acknowledge is that sports are sexually segregated not to protect men from women, but the other way around. "Why can't a woman compete with men if she is able?" is what you hear, but what it means in practice is that any woman capable of beating the lowest-ranking men is touted to the hills as the proof of gender equality; all the while, if men were allowed to compete in women's leagues, there wouldn't be any women's leagues.

But feminists have been denying the obvious for so long, they're not going to start seeing it now. As the late James Burnham wrote, when ideology and reality clash, something has to give, and usually it's reality.

Lee said...

BTW, it's Todd Gallagher, I think, not Maggie.

Martin Cothran said...


Right, thanks. I changed it.