Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boo! No, just kidding. It's not really Frank Simon

Kentucky liberals don't need to believe in the Devil. They believe in Frank Simon.

Once again someone is calling on Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Greyson to repudiate the arch-conservative Louisville allergist. Greyson, it seems, committed the dastardly deed of being the object of Simon's endorsement in the last election--something over which he had absolutely no control. is challenging to Greyson to join them in driving a stake through heart of the evil Simon.

"It's been 17 days since I challenged Secretary of State Trey Grayson to FINALLY renounce the 2007 endorsement he received from Louisville hate-monger Frank Simon," pants Walter Hawkins, who blogs from his heavily secured law offices in Bowling Green where he enjoys refuge from the evil Louisville doctor.

These are the same people who experienced post traumatic stress disorder after robo-calls went out during the last election featuring the voice of Pat Boone. As I said at the time, you start to worry about people who tremble at the specter of Pat Boone. The same could be said about Simon.

"If you truly are a Kentuckian who does "not want to be divided by hate and fear," says the cowering Hawkins, "you MUST abhor Frank Simon, who has built his entire career around dividing Kentuckians by hate and fear."

Apparently Hawkins didn't notice the complete hypocrisy of saying one moment that you are against hate and the very next encouraging other people to abhor someone. In fact, you seldom hear language as hateful as that directed by liberals against people they say promote hate. But one thing is for sure: Simon, in his very mild-mannered way (have they ever actually met the guy?), has certainly struck fear into the hearts of his detractors.

But really, someone needs to tell these people to chill.

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