Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Global warming skepticism from Down Under

Arthur Herman talking trash to the global warming alarmists in the Australian. Isn't there somebody, somewhere who can silence this man?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the link to open. I assume it is a climate scientist presenting their ideas in a scientific journal?

Anonymous said...

Close :-) I can send you a copy if you want; it is a newspaper article and invokes the Nazis - I'm not sure you need any more than that.


Anonymous said...

It opened this time. Whew! You are correct; the historian/author drifted into eugenics and Nazi's. I wonder who would change their mind after reading the article. Perhaps this article is one step above Martin's postings on evolution.

Martin Cothran said...

The comparison to eugenics in Germany (no specific mention of Nazis, however) is in the context of a remark about scientists rushing to judgment concerning things about which they don't have sufficient evidence.

I'll mark you all down as being in favor of science rushing to judgment.

Keep that careful analysis and critical thinking coming boys!

Anonymous said...

MC: (no specific mention of Nazis, however)

Come on, admit it, Mr Cothran, you're just playing the straight man (except when it comes to homosexuals) (unintentional pun)

MC's link: "In fact, when the Nazis"

MC: is the problem of simple reading comprehension becoming a sort of theme