Thursday, June 04, 2009

KY abortion advocates honor late-term abortionist

Even a bad person has value because he is a being created in the image of God. For that reason, you are morally obliged to lament the passing of even a bad person. But you are not morally obliged to extol the virtue of their acts.

This distinction, however, has apparently been lost on a few so-called "pro-choice" advocates. Here is a letter to the editor in today's Louisville Courier-Journal:
We honor Dr. George Tiller's legacy of compassion and care throughout his life. Tiller devoted his life to ensuring that all women have access to comprehensive reproductive health, including safe and legal abortion. As a highly qualified health care provider, his life's work was dedicated to helping women facing problem pregnancies and difficult decisions. Those of us who support quality health care for all women admire his dedication and courage.
Tiller, of course, was the late-term abortionist recently murdered. I suppose the choice of whether to dismember, in utero, a fully developed baby who is indistinguishable from a prematurely born baby in a hospital incubator could be considered a difficult decision. But it's probably not difficult for the same reason these people are thinking.
Tiller believed women deserved kindness, courtesy, justice, love and respect. He believed in the emotional and spiritual heart of each woman.
Yeah. And the $5,000 per baby destroyed wasn't too bad either.

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Anonymous said...

I'm personally opposed to killing George Tiller.

James Chastek