Tuesday, June 09, 2009

KY governor breaks two promises in one day

For Immediate Release
June 9, 2009

Contact: Martin Cothran
Phone: 859-329-1919

"We can just call this a political two-fer Tuesday," said Martin Cothran, spokesman for Say No to Casinos. "The governor has broken two promises in one day. The first is his campaign promise that he was going to make sure the voters would get to approve expanded gambling legislation, and the second is the original promise of the Lottery legislation: that in voting for the Lottery, voters were not approving other forms of gambling."

"Kentuckians are undoubtedly getting tired of broken Lottery promises," said Cothran, referring to the promise that Lottery money was going to go for education, which it didn't do for ten years.

Say No to Casinos has argued ever since the legislative session earlier this year that the voters did not approve video slots when they approved the Lottery. "The only thing voters approved in 1988 was the Lottery. There was nothing about video lottery slots on the ballot."

"We can't make the Governor keep his campaign promises, but he's got to abide by the Constitution."

Cothran also pointed out that the Governor's new bill is making more promises that it can't possibly keep. "The Governor is claiming that in an economy in which people have less discretionary income to gamble that they are going to gamble four times as much. I'm no mathemetician, but I know that you can't get more from less."


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