Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Record low U.S. temperatures

According to Anthony Watts, numerous cold records have recently been set across the country. Here is his rundown:

Record Events for Sun Dec 6, 2009 through Sat Dec 12, 2009
Total Records: 2601
Rainfall: 992
Snowfall: 815
High Temperatures: 36
Low Temperatures: 304
Lowest Max Temperatures: 403
Highest Min Temperatures: 51

We are going to charitably assume that these record low temperatures are a result, as is every climate phenomenon, of Global Warming.


TomH said...

You obviously don't understand the scientific method:

1. Submit a research proposal in order to get a grant.

2. Collect the money. Don't forget this step!!!!

3. Make stuff up.

4. Publicize your "findings" and the changes to government policy needed to correct the "problems" discovered by your "findings."

5. Get the useful idiots in government to agree to your recommended policy changes.

6. Hide the data.

7. Disrespect and belittle anyone who questions your findings or asks to see the data.

8. Dissemble about the data.

9. Submit a grant for new research.

TomH said...

Step 9. Submit a proposal for a new research grant.

Martin Cothran said...


I bow to your clearly superior knowledge of how these things work.

One Brow said...

You guys are really funny, I'll give you that. Sure, global temperaturs in 2009 are higher than in 2008, but as long as there are a few local lows in the US, that muct be meaningless.

The combination of parochialsim and ignorance is guffaw-inducing.

Art said...

1 day of rain in Dec in Sault Ste. Marie (the meterological equivalent of snow in May in Miami) trumps about 10,000 wintertime record lows in the upper plains states.

It rained in the Soo shortly before Christmas (at least that's what showed). 'Nuf said.

Breath of Shadow said...

Thats good. I commend you Mr. C