Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Save us from people who are trying to save us

Marcie Smith, a 2009 Transylvania graduate from Richmond, calls for world leaders to deliver on remedies for supposedly man-made global warming at the Copenhagen conference, which she is attending. Here is Smith in the Opinion/Ideas section of today's Lexington Herald-Leader:
Atmospheric scientists are worried that their initial projections vastly underestimated the speed at which climate systems are deteriorating.
Actually what they're more worried about right now is that their credibility is shot after e-mails were made public which appear to show them manipulating data to make it look like like global warming was caused by human beings in the first place.

Heaven help us if humans ever do attain the power over the earth's climate like well-intentioned young people who think they are doing the public a service by publicly fretting over environmental conclusions that have been thrown into doubt hope they get. Then we can really start to worry.

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