Monday, January 04, 2010

The fairer sex is also more focused in school, which is why they do better

Here's more information that someone in the Amazon Section of the Bureau of Gender Equity needs to squelch right away. It suggests once again that males and females are ... and I will try to put this in the most gentle way I can so as not to disturb the tender sensibilities of those among the our intellectual classes who get all upset and weepy when such things are suggested ... different:
Gender differences in the distributions of cognitive and non-cognitive abilities might be important in explaining gender differences in the propensities to go to and graduate from college. Gender differences in the means of cognitive measures like IQ are minor, but the degree of variability in cognitive abilities appear to be greater among men than women.

However, the main ability differences between men and women are in the non-cognitive arena. Non-cognitive abilities affect grades and test scores by affecting how much attention students pay to instruction from their teachers, how organized they are in doing homework and preparing for exams, whether they get disciplined for inappropriate behavior at school, and in various other ways.
Oh wait, this reflects well on women. Nevermind.


Lee said...

I think feminists are perfectly okay with you pointing out any differences that acknowledge women's superiority.

They only deny sex differences when they amount to a man's advantage.

KyCobb said...


The problem, which you don't seem to see, is that individuals aren't the aggregate of whatever particular group you put them in. There are lots of men who are excellent scholars, and lots of women who aren't. You have to take each person as he or she comes, for which this kind of study is pretty well worthless.

Lee said...

That's not the way our modern society does things. It considers accomplishment in light of favored vs. unfavored groups. Women are a favored group.

KyCobb said...


For millenia, women were unfavored. In fact, they still make less than men.

Lee said...

So is it about getting equal? Or getting even?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "ladies" do a better job of proofing their blog headlines than Martin.