Friday, January 08, 2010

Global Warming headline of the week: "Meteorologists: Global warming and cold weather go hand in hand"

Meteorologists: Global Warming and Cold Weather Go Hand-In-Hand.” From the Voice of America, once again showing that any weather phenomenon can be taken as confirmation of global warming, a scientific theory that, being scientific, must be falsifiable, but which actually isn't since no evidence is actually interpreted to disconfirm it.


KyCobb said...


If the earth was cooling decade by decade, global warming would be pretty well falsified. Instead the aughts were the hottest decade on record, followed by the nineties, which were warmer than the eighties. One cold winter isn't sufficient data to support or falsify anything about the climate.

Lee said...

That's the CBS News/Dan Rather standard: "Fake but accurate."

The East Anglia emails confirm that much of what passed for research was propaganda. There was no "scientific community" to protect us from it -- they were the ones doing it.

It discredited the whole franchise. No amount of hand-waving will change that fact. When a bank's books are discovered to have been fraudulently tampered with, an entire audit needs to be performed to find out what it real and what is not. Yet all the scientific papers published by this crew are still out there, and still treated as authoritative.

This is what has to happen with global warming, for them to regain any credibility: admit there was a problem, get to the bottom of it, punish the guilty, separate the wheat from the chaff, and publish their findings for review. To date, the first step has yet to be accomplished.

And my personal opinion is there should be no political response to global warming until we know what the world's ideal temperature is.

KyCobb said...


The stolen emails show no such thing. The Right, as ususal, is twisting the truth to try and get its way. s to what the world's "ideal" tmeperature is, I guess that depends on how many islands and major cities you'd like to see submerged.

Lee said...

Denial -- not just a river in Egypt anymore.

Money corrupts. A lot of people made a lot of money from pushing GW. Liberals can see that when bad guys are the corporations they hate. Perhaps they're blind to it when its the academic community they love so much.

I don't think we'll be seeing any submerged cities anytime soon, but I'm sure you can sell the idea to Hollywood. Maybe they'll make a movie about it.

One Brow said...


Some global warming proponents make make money off of books, movies, etc. Most of them make money just like any other scientist, and no more. If there scientific grant money were not going into the study of global warming, it would still be flowing in hurricane prediction and other weather-realted phenomena. The scientists would still be getting the same money, just for different grants.

I have only read of the East Anglia emails what has been offered by Vital Remnants and sites with similar opinions. At no time did I see any quote that I thought indicated dishonesty or a conspiracy. If the most strident attackers couldn't come up with a truly daming quote, I can't take manufactroversy seriously.

What has happened with global warming is that corporations with a vested interest in no changing our ecomonic structure have pured millions into public relations in an effort to create a public controversy when there is no scientific controversy.