Thursday, January 28, 2010

Warmers broke the law, says British government

From the London Times:

The university at the centre of the climate change row over stolen e-mails broke the law by refusing to hand over its raw data for public scrutiny.

The University of East Anglia breached the Freedom of Information Act by refusing to comply with requests for data concerning claims by its scientists that man-made emissions were causing global warming.

The Information Commissioner’s Office decided that UEA failed in its duties under the Act but said that it could not prosecute those involved because the complaint was made too late, The Times has learnt.
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But remember, the lying and cheating that resulted in this decision was in the cause of Global Warming, and can therefore be excused.

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Lee said...

They lied, they cheated, they hid data, they made up other data...

But their conclusions are sound.