Monday, June 14, 2010

Is there really a need for more women editorialists?

A group out of Stanford University does not like the fact that men dominate the nation's editorial pages, and they're going to do something about it--namely, train women to write op-eds:
The mission of the OpEd Project at Stanford University is to bring about a sea change in our national conversation, which is currently overwhelmingly dominated (85%) by men.
But one wonders why the increase in the percentage of op-ed writers would "bring about a sea chance in our national conversation" if women's concerns were basically the same as men's. What does this group think we should be talking about on the op-ed pages? Baking cookies?

These women are obviously not hip on the fact that men and women are equal in every way and therefore there is no need to equalize the number of male and female voices.

Maybe some members of the peanut gallery on this blog could give these people a lecture on this.

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