Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rand Paul opposed to dead people

Rand Paul may now finally have stepped over the line. He is now opposed to dead people.

According to Al Cross at the Rural Blog, Paul told WHAS's Mandy Connell that he is opposed to dead farmers receiving agriculture subsidies.

Oh, the insensitivity! Oh the callousness!

Where is the outrage, liberals?!


Art said...

"Paul then indicated that he would favor denying subsidies to farmers whose incomes are above $2 million a year. He said 2,700 farmers fit that description. The Obama adminstration tried to enact a lower income cap in the latest Farm Bill and in recent legislation, but rural Democrats kept that from happening."

LOL. Paul turns out to have Communistic tendencies.

Next thing you know, he'll come out in favor of government-sponsored health care.

(Oh wait, he's already spoken out in favor of that, at least when it comes to his own wallet.)

Lisa Graas said...

Actually, he was listing the problems with farm subsidies and that was one that he listed. I listened to the interview with Mandy Connell. She ended the discussion before he finished listing his problems with farm subsidies. He never backed off his claim that farm subsidies are "welfare". Perhaps if she'd had four hours for him to list all of his problems with farm subsidies, it would be more clear to you that he still believes farm subsidies are "welfare". You should have learned about the use of obfuscation and delay from the Obama campaign. Rand Paul is almost as masterful at it as Obama is.

Also, since he believes "welfare" is a bad thing and that these Ag subsidies are welfare, you should take note the position of Right to Life, Feminists for Life, the Catholic Church and others in regard to cutting off programs like WIC. Studies have shown that cutting off programs that aid pregnant women and new moms increases the abortion rate, and so pro-life organizations have strongly fought against attempts to do so.

Rand Paul's religion is fiscal policy. Your trust in him is misplaced.