Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The test of success for charter schools: popularity with parents

Richard Day's continued attacks on charter schools are indicative of the wider public school establishment's disdain for them. Day and other fixtures of the education establishment want the same kind of accountability that has failed the public school system for years: that is to say, no accountability other than to themselves.

Charter schools are less accountable to the teachers unions and the state education bureaucracies that have occupied the driver's seat as our natures schools continue to worsen.

There is only one measure by which charter schools should be judged: their popularity with parents. This criterion, of course, is anathema to the crowd William Bennett once referred to as "the blob."

Day criticizes charters for failing the children of poor families. And the public school system has served them well?

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Richard Day said...

Inasmuch as I support charter schools and also Commissioner Terry Holliday's proposal that they stand up to local accountability, I wonder if you might do the honorable thing and retract your inaccurate allegations above.