Friday, August 20, 2010

Christianity as the Church of What's Happnin' Now

Brett McCracken's article on hip Christianity in the Wall Street Journal:

Recent statistics have shown an increasing exodus of young people from churches, especially after they leave home and live on their own. In a 2007 study, Lifeway Research determined that 70% of young Protestant adults between 18-22 stop attending church regularly.

Statistics like these have created something of a mania in recent years, as baby-boomer evangelical leaders frantically assess what they have done wrong (why didn't megachurches work to attract youth in the long term?) and scramble to figure out a plan to keep young members engaged in the life of the church.

Increasingly, the "plan" has taken the form of a total image overhaul, where efforts are made to rebrand Christianity as hip, countercultural, relevant. As a result, in the early 2000s, we got something called "the emerging church"—a sort of postmodern stab at an evangelical reform movement. Perhaps because it was too "let's rethink everything" radical, it fizzled quickly. But the impulse behind it—to rehabilitate Christianity's image and make it "cool"—remains.

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Lee said...

Why is the Mormon church still growing? They still teach theology. It may be wrong, and from my perspective is wrong, but they teach it. People go to church to find these explanations. They hunger for it. And if they don't get it, they will leave.

Some evangelicals need to give up on church as just another venue of entertainment and embrace the theology.