Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Governor Beshear should stop being KEA's ventriliquist dummy on charter schools

Jake at Page One Kentucky has taken time off from hyperventilating at practically everything I have ever said to point out that Gov. Steve Beshear, despite fashioning himself as working to resolve problems in Kentucky education, is actually one of the problems in Kentucky education. Not only did he fight Senate Bill 1, which set the educational captives free from the state's ridiculous testing system, but he has yet to come out in full support of the one thing that would result in the state receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in federal Race to the Top grants: charter schools.

Go Jake!

Folks, all the state has to do is pass charter school legislation and millions of dollars all of a sudden start flowing into Kentucky school coffers. That's all. Just that one little thing.

But that requires that the Governor Beshear remove the hand of KEA ventriloquist that has been shoved up his ... back and take control of himself once again and ask the General Assembly to pass charter school legislation.

Is that so terribly hard, Governor?

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