Thursday, August 19, 2010

Should the Kentucky Farm Bureau listen to moralistic lectures from a group called "W.E.N.C.H."?

A veritable cornucopia of left-wing groups, including the Kentucky "Fairness" Alliance, the ACLU, and a group (get this) called "W.E.N.C.H," along with some less exotic groups that really should know better, is trying to intimidate the Kentucky Farm Bureau into changing several of its policy positions, among them, its pro-life position and its position in support of traditional marriage.

The Farm Bureau and its 470,934 members need to tell these groups to mind their own business, whatever (and we do wonder, especially in the case of "W.E.N.C.H.") that may be.

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Anonymous said...

I would rather go to hell with my gay friends than go to heaven with all the death row inmates who found Christ.

Why is homosexuality wrong? I don't want any biblical reasons.