Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Evil puppet masters at Jefferson County teacher's union about to embarrass the school district again

The evil education puppet masters at the Jefferson County Teachers Association are trying to reassert their control over the Jefferson County School Board by trying to reinstall Sheldon Berman as the superintendent after Berman was voted out several weeks ago.

I'm thinking Stromboli here (from Pinocchio, the guy who runs the puppet show and collects the money).

Not that they ever really lost control. The strings still mostly control the board marionettes. But still Berman's ouster had to be embarrassing for them. Here they had succeeded in running the district into the ground and frightened off most of the families who could afford to send their children somewhere else, and all of a sudden several of the puppets went off script and actually held someone accountable for it.

Accountability? Board members thinking for themselves? How could these quislings even think of doing something so utterly reasonable?

So the JCTA doesn't want Berman to leave the education show and now they're going to embarrass the district further by trying to force a vote to keep Berman. If they do this, the district will become an utter laughing-stock.

Oh, wait. I forgot. They already are a laughing-stock. If the JCTA succeeds here, what has up until now looked like a comedy will start to look more like what it really is: a tragedy.

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