Saturday, January 29, 2011

Queer Liberation Front's lunch counter moment

The "Queer Liberation Front" has announced a sit-in in Middletown, CT. The group is sick and tired of the media fawning over the gay rights movement, celebrating it as some sort of mainstream phenomenon, and trying to prove its relationships are just as normal as traditional marriages through smarmy feature stories and ridiculously unrealistic television characters that have little relation to what actually goes on in the gay subculture.

This wasn't about being normal; this was about questioning the whole idea of normality. This wasn't about becoming conventional; it was about defying the conventions. This wasn't about making the gay lifestyle look traditional to outsiders; it was about upsetting the whole traditional applecart and subverting the entire marriage culture, remember?

This was about tearing the mask off the whole Ozzie and Harriet lie.

We changed our names to alternate spellings, not to be the same, but to be different. We talked different, we dressed different, we lived different. Don't you remember, "We're here, we're queer!"? Remember when we were in society's face with a subversive message about they're whole way of life?

So stop salivating all over us and trying to make us into some conventional caricature of what we are really about. Stop trying to co-opt our whole ...

... Wait a second. Let me read this story more carefully. Oh, shoot. I'm sorry. That's not right. Actually, it's just a group of gays protesting at a Javapalooza after some over-reactive employee having a bad hair day roughed up a gay customer who had brought in a Dunkin' Donuts drink against policy.

Never mind.

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Art said...

So, Martin, do you think the anti-gay laws in Kenya are actually just measures to keep DD out of the country? And that this poor soul's house was burned, not because he is gay, but because he prefers DD over Krispy Kreme?

Being a DD regular myself, I think I may have to start watching my back a bit more.