Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Noah's ark theme park: another liberal dilemma

I wonder if any of the people who thought it was intolerant to oppose a mosque being put up on ground zero in New York also think it is tolerant to opposed to a Noah's ark theme park in Kentucky.


Singring said...

The mosque is not on ground zero.

Opposition against the park in Kentucky is based on rational arguments (i.e. misappropriation of tax incentives and bad PR for the state), opposition against the mosque was not (i.e. it was based on people feeling upset about a moderate place of worship not associated with the terrorist attacks in any way save for sharing the same basic religion).

Apples and oranges, Martin.

One Brow said...

Who are the major liberals voices who say the state should stop Ham, et. al., from building the park?

Art said...

Just how much did NY offer in tax rebates to the mis-named "Ground Zero Mosque"?

Any bets as to whether Ken Ham really hires anyone who declines to take his religious test, or, worse still, who fails it?

Dave Charlton said...

I have read some critiques of the project, but that's not to say they are in opposition, which are two different things. The Courier-Journal (I suppose they are one of the major sources of criticism you are referring to) has been critical but I don't recall reading anything that says it shouldn't be built. In fact, they are raising some good questions, such as the estimate of attendance. 1.6 million visitors? That's ridiculous. When Six Flags couldn't draw that many in a metro area how do they come up with such a number? The creation museum, which looks well done in terms of design, only draws half that, and it is located close to an urban area. The backers of the ark project haven't even let the state see most of their studies and information. The state shouldn't make any decision without seeing the information the project's backers have. I don't oppose the project receiving tax incentives, and I don't think it is illegal for the state to offer them, but I'll make you a wager - if this park gets built in Kentucky, as advertised, I'll pay you admission to visit and buy your lunch.

KyCobb said...


I don't have any problem with anyone exercising their 1st Amendment right to practice their religion, as long as they don't expect me to pay for it as a taxpayer. Of course, I am free to exercise my 1st Amendment rights to point out that it is a lie to claim that anyone is building a Mosque at Ground Zero, and that the beliefs of the people building the Theme Park are demonstrably false. I can guarantee that you won't see the kind of vicious, lying, hate-filled campaign against the Theme Park that we have seen conducted against the Islamic Community Center in New York.