Thursday, May 19, 2011

David Williams blasts the Jefferson County education establishment

There is still smoke wafting from the barrel of David Williams editorial gun. Just a day after winning the Republican nomination for governor, the candidate opened fire in the Louisville Courier-Journal on the Jefferson County school establishment for its sorry education record. He blasted the editorial board, the teachers union and Gov. Beshear for sacrificing children to their social and political agenda of busing and quotas:
Only Beshear's editorial board masters could judge the last 35 years in the Jefferson County school system successful. The absurdity of the student assignment plan is illustrated by the WAVE-3 television report of a 6-year-old girl forced to spend over two hours on a school bus when there are two schools within a mile of her house. If that is your definition of “35 years of accomplishment” then you need to recalibrate your world view. Supporting two-hour bus rides for 6-year-old kids but failing to see that no child is getting a better education because of it is about as out-of-touch as it gets. Jefferson County has 60 percent of the worst performing schools in the state but only 18 percent of the students. Our kids deserve better.
Williams came in third in the Republican primary vote in Jefferson County, but that was largely because of low voter turnout and the fact that he was facing two Jefferson County natives. But he knows he needs something to fire up his supporters in Louisville and distinguish him from Beshear. This ought to do it. It will also make for an exciting campaign.

The Jefferson County education establishment worships the gods of Diversity and Political Correctness like the Canaanites worshiped Moloch. Child sacrifice is nothing new.

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