Thursday, May 19, 2011

Willliams/Farmer first ad in gubernatorial campaign


Singring said...

It says a lot about the political culture of a country when campaign ads look and sound like a trailer for the new 'Transformers' movie.

Anonymous said...

This is rich coming from the pettiest, most obstructive person in Frankfort over the last 12 years. Always, ALWAYS more concerned about political stratagem than actually solving problems. ALWAYS seeking power for its own sake, rather than using it as the tool for which it was meant to be used-- helping others. If character is destiny, then my beloved Kentucky is destined for far worse days than these should we desperately pin our hopes on Mr. Williams.

Martin Cothran said...


At least when I criticize someone, I use my real name.

Which things that I have obstructed are you concerned about? Redefining marriage by using the courts rather than the elected legislature? Forced vaccination of middle school girls for sexually transmitted diseases? Forced busing of children to schools at the other end of town? End runs around the Constitution to bring in slot machines that would target low-end gamblers and redistribute the income to wealthy horse tracks?

If you're not going to do have the courtesy to identify yourself, you could at least be specific.

Art said...

Um, Martin, are you saying that "Martin Cothran" is a nom-de-plum for David Williams?

That's going to really cause a spike in readership of this blog.

Art said...

Putting things in terms that even the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor can (hopefully) understand:

Williams admonishing Beshear for the pathetic standing of the Commonwealth as far as management is concerned is like Terrence Jones scolding Josh Harrelson when the 'Cats are (or were, seeing as the season has ended) being outrebounded.