Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Defense of Myself

So now Jake over at Page One Kentucky has gone and said a vaguely nice thing about me over at his blog, and I can't figure out what to do. This has never happened before. I am trying to figure out what I have done to warrant this and how I should deal with the potential consequences of the idea getting around that I might actually not be the Devil himself.

This could very well ruin my reputation.

The occasion for Jake's comments is apparent criticism he is getting from the Gay Tolerance Police over the fact that he links to my blog.

All you gays constantly complaining that we dare link to Martin Cothran have got to be the biggest bunch of hypocrites we’ve encountered.

Who cares that we link to him? And who cares that we think his outlook on life is rather bogus? What the hell is so wrong with keeping up with the world and having a continued conversation – even with your critics and opponents?

And then this:

So we hope it blows their minds to have to admit he’s more cordial than half the people at KDP and more professional than a solid majority of the state legislature. Maybe they’ll throw up a little in their mouths and complain about something else for a few minutes.
I have made no secret of the fact that, despite his repeated fashion assaults on the quality of my wardrobe, I find Jake terribly amusing and Page One the most informative blog on state politics. And then he goes and does this.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.


Anonymous said...

You two need to get a room. No one cares what you and Mr. Page do in private.

Martin Cothran said...

Uh, I think the comment he made was public.