Thursday, October 25, 2012

Breaking News: Parrot imitates human speech

Not really. Actually, it was a beluga whale, according to atheist biologist Jerry Coyne. And this is supposed to be further evidence of how highly intelligent whales are and more cause for thinking that we shouldn't keep them in captivity.

I can't remember anyone arguing that parrots should be set free because they can imitate human speech. [queue up Lynard Skynard's "Free Bird" here] In fact, if anything, the ability to talk would be a reason to keep a bird rather than to free it.

But it is obligatory for scientific materialists like Coyne to take note of any instance in which an animal does anything remotely like a human, however unenlightening and uninformative it might be, since they think it bolsters atheist dogma that humans are not essentially different from brute animals.

Repeat after me: "It doesn't prove anything."


Singring said...

'Repeat after me: "It doesn't prove anything."'

Ah yes - it's the raligious way!

Don't bother engaging with the evidence - just 'repeat after whatever your told to believe'.

Critical thinking 101.

ZPenn said...

So after saying that repeating speech is not a sign of intelligence, you are asking people to repeat what you said. Can't tell if trolling...

Martin Cothran said...


Do I have to put a label on my ironic humor?

Anonymous said...

Martin is never funny for the reasons he thinks he is.

Martin Cothran said...


That's hysterical! Oh, wait. Were you trying to be funny?