Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tolerance Police strike again, this time at Tufts University

The Tolerance Police have struck again, this time at Tufts University, where, in the name of Tolerance and Diversity, they are rooting out student groups with which they disagree. We go now to Daniel Halper of the Weekly Standard for a report on this group that was (prepare yourself) requiring that its members actually believe in what the group stands for:
Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts has banned a Christian group from campus because the group requires student leaders to adhere to "basic biblical truths of Christianity." The decision to ban the group, called the Tufts Christian Fellowship, was made by officials from the university's student government, specifically the Tufts Community Union Judiciary.
Members of this group probably drink blood and sacrifice chickens too.

We'll all be better off when every organization has to accept even those who disagree with it. Well, okay, everyone except colleges and universities.


Anonymous said...

The solution is simple. The TCF should open its membership in the same fashion as campus "approved" groups such as Free Palestine chapters welcome Jews or Islamic groups welcome those who believe that Mohammad was a war mongering child molester.

Anonymous said...

It is long overdue for the pendulum to swing back about overboard Political Correctness. Does anyone see signs of that? How long must we wait?