Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Tolerance Police punish one of their own

The chief "diversity officer" at the Gallaudet University has been put on paid leave after the university discovered that she had signed a petition putting a gay marriage referendum on the Maryland ballot.

Apparently Angela McCaskell thought that diversity meant, like, allowing for people to be different or something. It's an easy mistake for people to make, since this is what it means to normal people who have not yet fallen down the rabbit hole of modern higher re-education. McCaskell clearly needs some sensitivity training in order to gain an understanding of the proper definition of "diversity."

In the interest of beginning this process of re-education, we would like to have her memorize the following formulation that appears on the front wall of the liberal Ministry of Truth:


A little sleep deprivation would help in this process. Water-boarding wouldn't hurt either.


Old Rebel said...

In a regime that is openly at war with its traditional culture, uniformity of thought is all that can maintain unity.

ZPenn said...

I don't understand why this issue is up for a vote. We don't ask people to vote on other things protected by the first amendment. I guess the people could elect politicians that voted to amend the constitution and eliminate the first amendment if they really wanted to, but until that happens I'm pretty sure the government isn't supposed to make any legislation regarding religious issues. Gay marriage should be legal by default, because there shouldn't be any legislation regarding a religious issue in the first place.

brett said...

How do you conclude that "The Tolerance Police" were responsible for the punishment?

Another question, who are "The Tolerance Police"?

Lee said...

The First Amendment protects gay marriage? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

ZPenn, marriage is an issue of contract whether done in a church service or by an Elvis impersonator. Don't believe it? Get a divorce.